Installation Guides and Videos

Download the John Wright guides for shutter selection and shutter hardware installation from this page. These guides will assist you in making the proper hardware selections based on your window type, home exterior material, molding style and shutter dimensions.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Pictures will help us help you. Head-on pictures from a distance are not that helpful so please take close-ups and shots from different angles. Including a tape measure in close-ups is helpful. Sketches are always helpful as well. You do not need to be an artist to make a very useful sketch. See samples of sketches in the PDF documents below.

Our installation guide reviews the step-by-step process for shutter hardware installation. Download this guide for your reference.

Need help with installing shutters? Utilize our shutter installation worksheet!

Shutter Installation Worksheet

Shutter Hinge Selection Guide

John Wright Shutter Hinge Selection Guide

Click image or link to download this document.

Shutter Hinge Installation Guide

John Wright Shutter Installation Guide

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Planning for installation of functional shutters

Shutter Hinge Installation

Custom Hardware

Selecting shutter hardware

Shutter Hinge Accessories