Bermuda 24 Inch Shutter Stay (Sold Individually)


Holds Bermuda (Bahama) shutters open to allow ventilation. Hand forged for strength, Powder Coated 24" Hook and Eye Stay.  ( 8 ) # 6 x 1 flat head screws

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Bermuda-hinged shutters are held open with a shutter stay that consists of a long hook-and-eye assembly. The base of the hook is usually mounted at or near the bottom of the window, and the eye is mounted on the inside of the shutter near the bottom. Stays can be mounted in the middle of the Bermuda shutter or toward the outside edge. Mounting in the middle is stronger, but mounting at the edge allows the hook to be more easily stowed when not in use. Additional eyes are available to stow the hook when the shutter is closed. Considerable flexibility in mounting the stay is possible, but it is recommended that the shutter be held open at an angle no greater than sixty degrees from the building. For very large shutters, two stays may be required. Screws included.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 in
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