John Wright Expands its Manufacturing Capabilities with 3-D Laser Scanner

Wrightsville, PA – John Wright has expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a 3-D laser scanner made by NextEngine, Inc. The NextEngine scanner can capture over 5 million data points on an object. 3-D scanning allows nearly any object to be readily transformed into a computer model. Reproduction parts can be scanned, manipulated, and recreated in plastic with a 3-D printer. Plastic models are then used to cast actual parts in aluminum and iron. Using 3-D scanning and printing, the most demanding, exact restoration projects can be completed efficiently with a quick turn-around, small minimum order, and no expensive machined tooling.

About John Wright

John Wright Company is a manufacturer of top-quality, traditional hardware for shutters, doors, windows, furniture, and specialty applications. Products combine modern high-quality finishes with the strength and time-honored look and feel of cast iron. With products for both restoration and new construction, the diverse line includes shutter hinges, hold-backs, slide bolts, hooks, and special hardware along with door and cabinet hinges and knobs and many other products.

Brant Hershey
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