John Wright Co. Launches Weather-Resistant, Coastal Shutter Hardware

Weather-resistant finish, cast-iron, alligator pattern for a durable and original addition to home exteriors

Wrightsville, PA (May, 25 2016)John Wright Company, Inc., one of America’s oldest continuously-operating designers and manufacturers of cast-iron hardware and home accents, has launched an exclusive weather-resistant, cast-iron shutter dog in an alligator pattern. This original piece is ideal for homeowners, designers, or custom builders who are looking to put the final touch on the exterior of a coastal, seaside, or southern home or pool house.

Unlike many fabricated or stamped metal shutter dogs, John Wright’s Alligator Shutter Dog features a solid cast-iron construction, designed specifically for strength and long-term outdoor use. Each piece is coated with John Wright’s signature WeatherWright finishing system to prevent rust, wear, and corrosion from weather and sea spray.

The design for the Alligator Shutter Dog originated from a hand drawn sketch that was printed into plastic three-dimensional model. John Wright’s in-house artists sculpted additional details by hand into this plastic model. The finished piece was then iron-cast from the plastic rendering, resulting in this fresh and unique take on a classic type of exterior shutter hardware.

“The Alligator Shutter Dog combines the signature strength, stability, and functionality of John Wright shutter hardware with an original style that really stands out,” says Brant Hershey, Engineering Manager at John Wright. “Whether they’re used as holdbacks on working shutters or purely as decorations on fixed shutters, our Alligators are truly unique and creative home accents.”

The Alligator Shutter Dog measures 7” in length and weighs 1.25 lbs. with plated steel lag bolts and DIY installation guide. Alligator Shutter Dogs are sold in pairs for the retail price of $23.50.

For more information about the Alligator Shutter Dog or John Wright Company, call 1-800-444-9364,, or visit


Founded in 1880, John Wright Company is one of America’s oldest, continuously operating designers and manufacturers of heirloom-grade products made from cast iron, forged steel, stainless, steel, and aluminum. Headquartered in South Central, Pennsylvania, John Wright provides fine hardware and accents to building centers, shutter manufacturers, architects, design professionals, contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and homeowners.

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